Well to continue my octennial series on PostgreSQL at FOSDEM...

This year I presented for the first time at FOSDEM. Not in the PostgreSQL room -- which I think can be a bit like "preaching to the choir" -- but in two other rooms. I hoped to bring a bit of exposure to Postgres outside the usual crowd.

I presented the crowd favorite PostgreSQL on a VAX in the main lightning talk hall Slonik came to visit to help out:

Also one of the audience members turned out to have a real VAX machine and be interested in repeating the experiments on real hardware. That's the kind of connection that is the strength of conferences like FOSDEM that aren't narrowly targeted.

Secondly I presented my Postgres fuzzer extension in the LLVM room. This is a Postgres module using the Libfuzzer from LLVM to fuzz Postgres functions. LIbfuzzer is a lot like AFL but runs entirely in-process so it's much faster and it's easier to integrate into a client-server architecture like Postgres. 

The main developer for Libfuzzer is Kostya Serebryany and I regret that I didn't remember his name during the talk when I tried to credit him.